How to Write a Cover Letter for Remote Jobs With Templates

Perhaps you want a job with increased flexibility because you need to move a lot for your partner’s career. Much like with any other job search, your past experience is going to carry a lot of weight. So, if you already have some remote work under your belt, make sure that you call attention to that in your cover letter.

Second, the employer will have a chance to find all the detailed information about your background in your resume. Therefore, confine your work experience to a couple of sentences and move on to self-presentation. Investing time in crafting and personalizing your cover letter will help you get to the next step.

Remote Job Cover Letter

Focus on the skills that are most important for remote work, such as self-motivation, time management, collaboration, communication, and adaptability. Here’s where you highlight your previous work experience as they relate to the job at hand. Don’t be afraid to include similar experiences that aren’t an exact match. This paragraph can tie your college coursework, volunteer experience, internships, or even a brief training program to the job you’re applying for. Remember, you should have read and re-read the job announcement while jotting down instances where your experience falls in line with the job responsibilities. A cover letter is your chance to showcase your personality, skills, and fit for a remote job.

cover letter template for remote position

The hard truth is that most people skim a cover letter at best. Always remember, your cover letter’s tone should match that of the company’s. I consider myself a lifelong learner and always strive to make progress in life, both personally and professionally.

Sample Cover Letter for a Remote Position

Look for typos but also look for confusing sentences, places that could be better formatted, and any fuzzy language. Use the same language the company uses on their website and in the job description to shape your cover letter. Maybe you’ll start with a brief anecdote about how you discovered your passion for your career field.

  • My ability to empathize with customers and resolve issues promptly has been a critical driver of my success.
  • How many times have you searched “cover letter templates” on Google?
  • This is your chance to highlight everything your resume can’t, so instead of viewing cover letters as an unnecessary requirement, look at them as an opportunity.
  • Be on the look out for helpful links that will help you learn more about the company culture.
  • In fact, for my own startup I’ve been able to get close to their levels of video compression.

Use the final paragraph to reiterate everything you’ve outlined above. Emphasize your excitement about the job posting and thank the reviewer for their time and consideration. Then close the letter cover letter for remote position with a strong call to action about the next steps in the interview process. Your resume won’t be able to provide sufficient context on these situations, so use this as your opportunity.

Remote Position Cover Letter Sample in .docx Format

This shows you read it in detail and align with the requirements of the job. Your Work Experiences Paragraph is the place to highlight key parts of your resume. Remember that if you’ve done your homework on the company, you’ll have a good idea of what they need in a job candidate, so you can emphasize relevant history here. Don’t click the submit button the second you’re done writing! Reread your letter and, if possible, ask a friend or significant other to read it too. Grammar errors and oversights can be easy to miss in your own work, so it’s always better to get an extra set of eyes on the cover letter.

Since you’re applying for a remote position, you might not have the benefit of getting to meet these people in person before you’re hired. Figuring out exactly what you should highlight is a challenge, and that objective becomes even trickier when you’re applying for a remote position. Introduce yourself by briefly explaining why you’re applying to the position. Then proceed to summarize your experience with similar roles or duties and subtly give information on how well you excelled at them. To research on the company, essentially stalk them on their social media, website, and anywhere you can. Then in your remote cover letter, subtly highlight these things and how you aim to add value.

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