Sample Email to Follow Up on a Job Application

Finally, make sure you say “thank you” somewhere in your message. It lets the hiring manager know that you appreciate them and that matters. If your email subject line isn’t clear, the hiring manager may not assume that your email is important. Once that happens, the odds of them going back and opening it later are likely pretty slim.

  • Make sure you remember to attach a new resume if you use the sample email above, since it mentions that you’re attaching one.
  • While it can feel like a lifetime has passed, the best you can do is wait after you’ve sent your follow-up letter.
  • While we can’t guarantee a 100% response rate, you’ll stand a great chance using this job application follow-up sample.
  • Before reading this guidance, you should check the guidance on holiday entitlement.
  • If you’re not quite sure what to say, try one of the following message templates.

If you don’t get the job, it will certainly be disappointing. However, a follow-up to ask for feedback is well worth your time; you can ensure that the next time you apply for a role, you address areas of concern and don’t find yourself repeating the same mistakes. Remember that the company may be hiring for several positions, especially if it’s a larger business, so start by stating the exact position you’re applying for. Here, we have a handy guide on how to follow up during a job search to help you grab attention whilst avoiding any faux pas. From 1 January 2024, the components which must be included when calculating ‘normal’ rate of pay are defined in regulations.

4 Calculating holiday pay for irregular hours workers and part-year workers

Perhaps your application glitched and went to spam, perhaps the applicant tracking system weeded it out because of a formatting issue. Let’s delve into trends shaping the 2024 job market with drawing insights from layoff of 2023 and explore the skills and experiences that are most in demand. Following these detailed guidelines will elevate each interaction into an essential step toward securing your dream job. For tips on how to follow up after an interview, check out our post on crafting that perfect thank you email.

For example, staff working 6 days a week are only entitled to 28 days’ paid holiday. The government has introduced reforms to simplify holiday entitlement and holiday pay calculations in the Working Time Regulations. In scenarios where the position aligns perfectly with your skillset—evident by echoing every bullet point in the job posting—it’s reasonable to showcase continued interest slightly earlier. Becoming adept at reading these subtle industry rhythms is crucial to maximizing the impact of your follow-up message. I applied for [Company Name’s] open [Position Title] job two weeks ago. Since you were looking to fill the role urgently, I was wondering if you already made a hiring decision or if you needed any additional information for my application.

When to follow up on a job application (and examples of how to do it)

While HR and company recruiters may be bogged down by piles of resumes and cover letters, you could be the only person who directly messaged the hiring manager on LinkedIn about a job. If they like what they see in your LinkedIn profile, you could be invited to interview faster and receive that job offer before others have interviewed! That’s a great way to stand out and get your resume seen after you apply for the job. If you’re in a modern industry like software/technology, consider finding the hiring manager on LinkedIn or Twitter, and follow up on one of those websites after you’ve sent your resume. This is a great, modern alternative to following up by email after submitting your job application.

how to follow up on a job application

There’s no worse feeling than endlessly refreshing your email, hoping to see an interview request. But the average hiring process takes 42 days, so it might take a couple of weeks to hear how to follow up on a job application back. Sometimes a follow-up can bring your resume in front of the right eyes. Plan how you’ll follow up on your job application with our tips, follow-up email templates, and call scripts.

Follow-Up Letter Template

If you don’t receive a response, wait a week or two before sending another polite inquiry. If there’s no reply, it may be time to move on to other opportunities. Effective methods include a polite email, a professional phone call, or a LinkedIn message, each tailored to the company’s culture and the job’s requirements.

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